The Avizheh company is moving toward achieving the following objectives:

  • Providing the highest level of quality and speed in technical and engineering services based on the requirements of industrial complexes located within Iran, across the Persian Gulf, Oman sea, nearby islands, platforms and vessels
  • Continuous monitoring of recent industrial requisites and updating the necessary mechanisms, including the equipment and manpower, according to the new needs
  • Recruitment, training and employment of best human resources, and enhancing their competence
  • Considering the human resource as company’s identity, and enriching their livelihood
  • Upgrading the safety to prevent any accident, by developing the extent of awareness and skills of colleagues
  • Preservation of the environment and natural resources, control and elimination of environmental contamination, in company’s entire zone of influence
  • Moral integrity, national loyalty, promoting welfare and physical and mental well-being of the manpower and their families, developing the culture of diligence and customer orientation, with presenting best quality of services, are considered the top values of this company.
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